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Transform your content to a service

An array of API endpoints assists in managing, integrating, and delivering digital content across all types of clients, devices, and platforms

Run your content as a service

A content management system exposed via Node.js powered API calls helps you manage, integrate, and deliver digital content across all types ofclients, devices, and platforms.

Our stateless API with compact JSON payloads gives you development control over media, content and assets.

Eliminate excessive bandwidth and resource cost.

Node.js' asynchronous IO nature enables your infastructure to serve content to hundreds of thousands concurrent users without breaking a sweat, even on the most minimalistic hardware configurations.

Optimized for speed.

We use advanced monitoring techniques and tools to constantly identify bootlenecks and ensure that upon request your content arrives as fast as possible.


Enjoy stellar mobile performance thanks to nginx reverse proxying and image auto-compression

A solution for content editors

Leave behind unintuitive user interfaces and productivity deadlocks. Empower your writing skills with a streamlined and clear content creation process.

Business Ready

Go pro right from the start. From state of the art infrastructure and relentless performance audits to personalised expert tech advice, we keep your business ahead of its competition.
Content is King.

Rely on a solid and blazingly fast back-end with data integrity safelocks that ensure your content stays protected, availaible and secure.

Go big, pay light.

Never worry again about overages and traffic spikes while keeping your expenses at a minimal..

Managed by professionals.

Host your content on the Telia platform monitored by the engineering and support teams 24/7.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Use a single point of entry for authoring content relevant to any number of different platforms.

Set a solid backend foundation

Manage your content remotely regardless of implementantion, environment or scope.

JSON galore.

With content returned in JSON format and available out of the box, you can go straight to front end developing.

Choose a stack that resonates with your team

Avoid technical debt and cut on development cost by choosing a unified front end stack tailored to your team.

Your content, your way.

Customize and extend your admin interface and model schemas to better fit your organization on demand.

More than meets the eye

Quick deployment

Your content is ready to serve as soon as saved.

Automate social sharing

Make use of our dynamic social and meta info generation and never have to do it manually again.

Media library

Host & manage all your images in one place, then make modular requests for them including size and quality.

Toggle States

Alternate between draft modes to inspect content changes before publishing them.

Experience our custom editor

Boost your productivity and reach wider audiences than ever before.

Generate feeds

Enable seamless and secure data flow of your content to third parties.

Turn your content into a feature-rich API