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A compact solution optimized for SEO

Build your website with our Zend custom CMS and take benefit of its SEO first orientation and design.

Index your content, the smart way

A content management system built with the Zend framework that is modular, scalable and highly optimized for SEO.

Templates that can be further customized with widgets allow for unparallel design flexibility.

Article System Intergration

Increased productivity stemming from the intuitive workflow of our intergratted articles system allow anything from large news networks to casual blogs to publish, maintain and deliver their article content.

SEO optimization out of the box

Take advantage of built-in SEO solutions like friendly urls and rewrites, internal redirects, auto sitemap xml generation all offered by default as a core feature of our Zend CMS.

Robotic article authoring

Subscribe to any rss feed or model and transform any content found on the web into a fully fledged article by our bot article authoring system.

Focus on content, we provide everything else

Step right into an intuitive, low barrier entry platform and start producing content regardless of your technical expertise while we handle everything else in the background.

There's more to it

Image Compression

Upload your images once, then request them in any size and get an automatically cropped result.

Widgets galore

Widgets in the form of HTML, Javascript or PHP server side scripts can add any organization specific functionality you might need for your templates.

Infinite scroll

Get more views for your articles by taking advantage of the in-built infinite scroll.

Turn your website into a full publishing system with special features provided out of the box.