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Our Mission: Solve complex problems with technology & design

We empower our team to create meaningful experiences in a positive environment where we can all prosper

Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at Telia.

What tends to get people hired is fit. When talented people fit well together they produce some pretty impressive stuff. We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects. Everyone here works directly with our clients, so if a client has a question that relates to the design or developer they’ll speak to the designer or developer that worked on it. It’s fun, as it should be. We spend so much of our life working that we’d best enjoy it.

Our core team values

Nothing is impossible.
Embrace teamwork and clearly define goals.
Mutual trust friendship.
We will never stop learning.
We proceed forward when difficult.
We count on each other to succeed.

Modern tools

We work with software we enjoy. You don't want to hate something you use every day.

Current openings

MEAN Stack Developer

Requirements / Responsibilities

- Work experience at least 5 years in a similar or related object position
- Experience in designing and implementing applications.
- Experience in the design and implementation of mobile applications.
- Excellent programming skills in Javascipt OOP
- Fluency NodeJS, Express, AngularJS, MongoDB, Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, web sockets (socket.io)
- Excellent knowledge of English.
- Teamwork, experience and project delivery.
- Ready for continuous development and knowledge.

We Provide

- Very good prospects and professional development opportunities
- Professional working environment
- Bonus and Private insurance depending qualifications

Even if you don't see a role you think you'd be perfect for, send us a CV or a note on why you think you'd be a valuable contributor to the incredible things we're doing here. We never miss an opportunity, so why should you?

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