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The essential content infrastructure for your projects: Telia makes content accessible via APIs and editable in a CMS-like Angular web app.

$ curl 'https://www.pagenews.gr/api/pages/59657/erxetai-to-neo-lg-x500-me-othoni-55-kai-mpataria-4500mah'
  "data": [{
    "_id": "59367ac047fa9704585e4031",
    "bitly": "http://bit.ly/2sc0sRR",
    "id": 59657,
    "title": "Έρχεται το νέο LG X500 με οθόνη 5.5″ και μπαταρία 4500mAh",
    "slug": "erxetai-to-neo-lg-x500-me-othoni-55-kai-mpataria-4500mah",
    "image": {
     "selectedtype": "low_resolution",
     "hidden": false,
     "mime": "image/jpeg",
     "ext": ".jpg",
     "name": "LG-X500-01.jpg",
     "basename": "1496742493820_lg_x500_01",
     "path": "jun2017"
    "description": "Η μπαταρία μπορεί να φορτίσει στο 50% σε περίπου μια ώρα.",
    "reporter": null,
    "publishedAt": "2017-06-06T09:49:52.159Z",
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While editors work on content in the web interface, the API returns it as a JSON document.
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Content delivery made easy

Your content is formatted into JSON and delivered independently of device.
An api and CMS bundled into the same product.
Editors use the CMS to author content
Your content is delivered in JSON format to any device.

Set a solid backend foundation

Manage your content remotely regardless of implementantion, environment or scope.

 JSON in the ample.

With content returned in JSON format and available out of the box, you can jump right into front end developing.

 Choose a stack that resonates with your team.

Avoid technical debt and cut on development cost by choosing a unified front end stack tailored to your team.

 Take control of your content.

Customize and extend your admin interface and model schemas to better fit your organization on demand.

Empower your editors

Our API comes with a sleek Angular web interface – an environment in which editors and content-focused users can work, making sure that the content looks pitch perfect, regardless of their expertise.

We talk code

We build and develop in a wide range of technologies including, but not limited to:

Freshly different.

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API-centered, not environment oriented

Access the entirety of your content in one place. Transfer your content anyplace, display it as you see fit.

MongoDB storage, enjoy unparalleled performance and flexibility

Your content is stored utilizing the blazing fast performance of MongoDB, implementing flexible and robust schemas.

Content-first, not page-first

Model your content to fit your needs. Implement a custom content model instead of being restricted to default boilerplates.

Barebone content, no defaults of boilerplates

Telia delivers the content, and you create around it. We differintiate the content from presentation — it's most flexible this way.

Turn your content into a feature-rich API